Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Don't ever pay full price for Papa John's in the Carolinas

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Yes, LeBron James scored a career-high 61 points in a win over the Charlotte Bobcats Monday night (all without a single dunk, by the way). But don't look at it as a loss, pizza consumers:

Cats pass 90pts! That means 50% off @PapaJohns all day tomorrow with code BOBCATS90. Offer applies to all participating NC & SC locations.

- Charlotte Bobcats (@bobcats) March 4, 2014

Laugh all you want, but some people take this Bobcats 90 thing very seriously:

Pizza > everything RT @sbnation LeBron had 61... but look at what Bobcats fans get! Who really wins?(H/t @PhilKenSaban)

- Dustin Rivera (@dustinjrivera) March 4, 2014

No really cares if the bobcats win it's all about that 50% off the pizza that we all care about

- The Dream (@C7Lynch) March 4, 2014 - Logan Adams (@loganmadams) March 4, 2014

A refresher: Whenever the Bobcats score 90 points, regardless of whether they win or lose, nearly every Papa John's location in the Carolinas offers half-off pizzas for people who use a promo code when they order online (BOBCATS90). It turns out the Charlotte Checkers (Promo code: CHECKERS) and Carolina Hurricanes (Promo code: CANIAC) offer the same deal after a win. With so many Printable Coupons, should you ever pay full price for a Papa John's pizza?

Probably not. We crunched the numbers since October 4, 2013, when the Hurricanes and Checkers first took the ice. Since then, 151 days have gone by. Out of those days, slightly more than half, 76, have been eligible for some sort of half-priced pizza:

As you can see from the above chart, the Bobcats have led the way in overall pizza discounts. While their overall record of 27-33 is only good enough for 7th place in the NBA's Eastern Conference, they're a remarkable 41-19 when it comes to hitting the vaunted 90-point Pizza Threshold. In addition, if you're holding out for a half-priced pizza, your best bet is to wait for the weekend:

Two more interesting notes here: Since October 4, there have only been 41 days in which the Checkers, Hurricanes and Bobcats have not played. So when you toss out those days, your odds of getting half-priced pizza go WAY up:

Also, there has only been one day in which all three teams, the Checkers, Hurricanes and Bobcats, have all hit the Pizza Threshold: January 18. On that day, the Checkers and Hurricanes both won, and the Heat beat the Bobcats 104-96. LeBron may be able to stop the Bobcats, but he can't stop your discount.

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