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AIRSTAR Avenue to Bring Lunar New Year Holiday Events to Chinese Tourists

INCHEON, South Korea--()--AIRSTAR Avenue (, the duty free shop brand in the Incheon International Airport, will hold the event of 'Presenting Hongbao Celebrating Lunar New Year of 2014' for visitors from Great China Region.

In commemoration of lunar New Year holidays, the most important holidays in China, AIRSTAR Avenue will present special discount coupons and prepaid cards to customers from Greater China starting from January 31 to February 7.

This year, it is anticipated that about 80,000 animated printable chinese new year cards tourists, an increase of approximately 12% over last year, will visit Korea during lunar New Year holidays. AIRSTAR Avenue plans to provide to these travelers with chances of shopping at reasonable prices at duty free shops in the Incheon International Airport.

As part of the event, AIRSTAR Avenue will distribute 5~10% discount coupon kits which can be used at duty free shops from January 31 to February 1. These kits will be available at the arrival hall on second floor of the Airport.

And, AIRSTAR Avenue will refund 200,000 won to Chinese tourists who buy premium watches before their departure. Tourists from the Greater China who buy watches in value of over US$3,000 can instantly receive prepaid cards worth 200,000 won at duty free shops. Cards will be offered from February 4 to 7 at the event zone at AIRSTAR Avenue, in the order of arrival.

"To provide pleasant duty free shopping environment to Chinese customers during lunar New Year holidays, we deployed fluent Chinese speaking salespersons, various events and special promotions," said a manager at AIRSTAR Avenue. "In 2014, AIRSTAR Avenue will introduce unique marketing events to sustain its status as the top duty free shop complex as it was honored with a number of awards, including the 'World's Best Duty Free Shop Selected by Chinese Travelers', and 'World's Best Duty Free Shop' selected by readers of Business Traveler in Asia Pacific and North America in 2013."

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Legislation ready to lift Sunday liquor sales ban

MINNEAPOLIS - No one remembers a time when Saturday wasn't stock up day for alcohol in the state of Minnesota.

And seemingly as old as that tradition is the one where a lawmaker introduces legislation to lift the Sunday sales ban.

This session, House Republican Jenifer Loon is that lawmaker. This week, Loon authored a bill that would lift the restriction and allow municipalities to decide if stores in their cities could sell.

We found a tale of two stores in two cities.

"When we look at the numbers and when we look at the people we think would come in Coupon Codes Sunday, we would like the choice to be open and prove we could do more business on a Sunday," Daniel Mays, Co-Owner of Stinson Wine-Beer-Spirits said Saturday night.

Mays is more than ready to spread sales out to seven days over six. He says his customers want it. He says his staff is ready to work it.

"We don't feel like it would hinder our business. We feel like it would help our business," Mays said.

Take a trip to the next shop to find the second tale.

"Where we sit as our business, I think we would be running a shop that would be a ghost town," Solo Vino Wine Shop employee Sean La Bonty said.

Solo Vino is in the Selby-Dale Neighborhood of St. Paul and it is a six-day operation that will remain a six-day operation no matter the ruling on Sunday sales.

The reason why is just the opposite of the first tale.

La Bonty and his staff doesn't see a seven-day sales schedule, outpacing a six.

Simply stated they think they would sell the same volume either way, with just an added burden.

"You are also paying for the place to be open, paying for staff, I don't see there is going to be that much of a revenue stream that is going to be made that warrants us saying, 'OK, stay open Sunday as well,'" La Bonty said.

In years past, bills like this have been clobbered on the floor. Last year, the House voted down a similar bill 106-21.

So we shall see come next month when lawmakers return to St. Paul if this one even has a real chance.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical: Theater Review

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The Bottom Line

A deftly assembled jukebox bio-musical that never digs deep but nonetheless hits the right notes.


Stephen Sondheim Theatre (runs indefinitely)


Jessie Mueller, Jake Epstein, Anika Larsen, Jarrod Spector, Jeb Brown, Liz Larsen


Marc Bruni

When the kitschy musical about the record producer behind the Shirelles, Baby It's You, showed up briefly on Broadway in 2011, that 1960s girl group's No. 1 breakthrough hit, "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," was conspicuously absent. Turns out withholding the song rights for the far superior Beautiful: The Carole King Musical was a prescient move. Following in the footsteps of crowd-pleasers like Jersey Boys and Motown: The Musical, this is entertaining boomer bait that elevates its by-the-numbers narrative with great songs. It's also a tremendous showcase for the talented Jessie Mueller as she embodies King's blossoming from songwriter-for-hire to empowered performer of her own material.

Perhaps the savviest choice of the book by Douglas McGrath (an Oscar-nominated screenwriter for Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway) was to minimize the focus on King's consecration as the epitome of the mellow Laurel Canyon sound. Her gajillion-selling 1971 album, "Tapestry," becomes almost an epilogue. Durable as those songs are - and the evergreens are all given spirited interpretations by Mueller and her fellow cast - the triumph is less interesting than the bumpy road of self-discovery that got King there. Even if McGrath's account of it remains fairly sanitized.

STORY: Shakespeare's Globe Double Joins Broadway Hit List

Shows constructed around the back catalogues of an artist or an era almost invariably give perfunctory treatment to character development and relationships, serving merely to connect the dots between hit songs. McGrath, director Marc Bruni and the appealing performers don't exactly break that mold by going for complexity. But while keeping things light and breezy, they have populated Beautiful with well-defined characters with relatable human foibles.

At the center is King, a self-described Jewish square from Brooklyn, whose mother ( Liz Larsen, doing her best with a crusty stereotype) urged her to forget songwriting and take up a viable career: "Girls don't write music. They teach it!" Alongside her is Gerry Goffin ( Jake Epstein), the volatile lyricist she married at age 17 in 1959. The husband-and-wife songwriters set up shop at 1650 Broadway in the employ of Aldon Music's Don Kirschner ( Jeb Brown), cranking out a formidable string of hits for artists including the Shirelles, the Drifters, the Monkees and Aretha Franklin. But the show broadens its emotional arc by flanking the central couple with another celebrated songwriting team from the Kirschner stable, Barry Mann ( Jarrod Spector) and Cynthia Weil ( Anika Larsen). Their constant friendship and good-natured professional rivalry makes them likable comic sidekicks.

Not incidentally, the second couple's inclusion also expands the song list to make room for a whole other crop of '60s pop nuggets, among them "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling," "On Broadway," "Walking in the Rain," "Uptown" and "We Gotta Get Out of This Place."

The show starts with King centerstage at the piano in an earth-mother schmatta with a head of untamed frizz, doing "So Far Away" at her 1971 Carnegie Hall concert. It then backtracks to recap her life leading up to that moment. The central conflict is Carole's longing for a fulfilling marriage and family life, and the increasing impossibility of maintaining that with the personally and professionally restless Gerry, whose manic-depressive disorder is illustrated without being spelled out. Songs like "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," "It's Too Late," "Pleasant Valley Sunday" and "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" are deployed in ways both obvious and skillful to mark key points in the relationship or its wake. Even the potentially saccharine "You've Got a Friend" finds a snug fit.

Derek McLane's clever set uses graphic panels seemingly inspired by the amplifier fronts of vintage stereos, with a rear maze of instruments, recording equipment and offices that summons the idea of a literal music factory. As a chronicle of one of American pop's golden eras, the show remains superficial, but Bruni's polished staging briskly evokes the time and milieu with infectious energy. The performances by nattily attired stand-ins for the Shirelles, the Drifters, the Righteous Brothers and others are a blast, capturing the silky dance moves and sweet backup vocals with style and wit. Josh Prince did the fun choreography, seen at its best when "The Locomotion" becomes a hit for Carole and Gerry's babysitter, Little Eva.

McGrath's book flirts openly (though not displeasingly) with sitcom dialogue, and by no means skirts the clichés and shortcuts of hackneyed behind-the-music chronicles. But the story, and perhaps more importantly, the characters, are never less than engaging. It also helps that, like Jersey Boys, the songs are mostly performance numbers, enhancing the storyline without requiring the effortful plot shoehorning of many jukebox musicals.

Epstein pulls off the toughest role, keeping philandering, unstable Gerry from becoming entirely unsympathetic, while Spector and the delightful Larsen add enormous warmth. Barry is a textbook neurotic who hankers after Cyn like a puppy, while she's the picture of chic sophistication in Alejo Vietti 's costumes, susceptible to Barry's nerdy charms but too protective of her own professional identity to risk becoming just a spousal adjunct. Brown also strikes a nice balance between Don's managerial coolness and increasing affection for his hired hands.

The ace up the show's sleeve, however, is Mueller's lovely performance as King, full of self-effacing humor, emotional depth and understated vulnerability. She conveys the burgeoning singer-songwriter's creative drive while wrestling quietly with her ingrained, old-fashioned sense of the expectations for a wife and mother. There's a disarming yearning quality to her characterization that makes us root for Carole to spread her wings. And her vocals are superb, capturing King's colloquial style while insinuating her own personality into songs that work like a time-travel machine for the musical's target audience.

Venue: Stephen Sondheim Theatre, New York (runs indefinitely) Cast: Jessie Mueller, Jake Epstein, Anika Larsen, Jarrod Spector, Jeb Brown, Liz Larsen, Ashley Blanchet, E. Clayton Cornelious, Josh Davis, Alysha Deslorieux, Kevin Duda, James Harkness, Carly Hughes, Sara King, Rebecca LaChance, Douglas Lyons, Arbender J. Robinson, Rashidra Scott Director: Marc Bruni Book: Douglas McGrath Music and lyrics: Gerry Goffin & Carole King, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil Set designer: Derek McLane Lighting designer: Peter Kaczorowski Costume designer: Alejo Vietti Sound designer: Brian Ronan Orchestrations, vocal and music arrangements: Steve Sidwell Music supervisor, additional music arrangements: Jason Howland Choreographer: Josh Prince Executive producers: Sherry Konder, Christine Russell Presented by Paul Blake, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Jeffrey A. Sine, Richard A. Smith, Mike Bosner, Harriet N. Leve/Elaine Krauss, Terry Schnuck, Orin Wolf, Patty Baker/Good Productions, Roger Faxon, Larry Magid, Kit Seidel, Lawrence S. Toppall, Fakston Production/Mary Solomon, William Court Cohen, John Gore, BarLor Productions, Matthew C. Blank, Tim Hogue, Joel Hyatt, Marianne Mills, Michael J. Moritz Jr., StylesFour Productions, Brunish & Trinchero, Jeremiah J. Harris

New D.C.-Based Price-Comparing App Launches

The D.C. tech scene now has another home-grown app. PriceSpotting-a free app that allows users to compare prices of items at local stores-launched this week and is available for iPhone and Android users to download.

Here's how it works: Users can search for items on the app to see which local store is offering the product at the lowest price. Or users can scan items while they're at a store to see how its Best Buy with other retailers. If the item isn't available in the app's database , users can upload it themselves so that others can eventually search for it. The success of the app depends on whether people contribute to its inventory; as an incentive, users earn points for the items they upload, which can be redeemed for cash or special sales.

"We help consumers save money and time for local purchases," says Neil Kataria,the CEO and founder of D.C.-based Blue Tiger Labs, the company that developed PriceSpotting. Kataria said during the beta-testing stage of the app, about 5,000 users submitted about 3 million prices (for around 219,000 unique items) in D.C. Next, Kataria says he plans to expand the app to San Francisco and Atlanta.

"It takes four to five seconds to enter some prices," says Kataria. "It's incredible, incredible just to see the activity during the testing period."

The app debuted this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Blue Tiger Labs launched PriceSpotting alongside another one of its homegrown apps: Mobile Merchant, which allows shopkeepers to manage their inventory digitally.

Blue Tiger Labs has its office in Chinatown and currently has 13 employees, nine of them based in D.C.

The apps received money from a number of investors including Mark Ein, chairman of Kastles Systems.

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LaContempo Offering Best Deals on Innovation Sofa Beds

N.Hollywood, CA -- ( SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- Los Angeles based LaContempo is a one-stop destination for buying quality Italian and European furniture at the most competitive prices. The contemporary furniture store offers a huge collection of exquisite furniture for homes and offices. From modern bedroom furniture to comfortable bedroom room furniture, LaContempo has everything in its inventory to suit your budget and liking. The company carries furniture from renowned brands like Innovation USA, Armen Living, Domitalia, Rosetto Italy, SohoConcept and Calligaris.

Speaking about the new range of Innovation sofa beds, a senior executive working with LaContempo said, "We are the largest Innovation Sofa Bed distributor in Los Angeles and one of the leading online retailers countrywide. Innovation is a reputed Danish company known for offering contemporary sofa beds and platform beds. All the Innovation USA products are designed with a strong focus on functionality and simple yet impressive forms. We are offering all the Innovation sofa beds at the best prices possible. Moreover, we also offer nationwide free shipping on all the sofa beds in our Innovation USA collection that pays tribute to the German Bauhaus movement."

LaContempo offers elegant modern furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, other living spaces and offices. The furniture store offers a range of award-winning designs in its inventory at the most reasonable prices. The customers can buy furniture online or visit the company's physical store to find the right pieces. LaContempo works only with the leading manufacturers in the industry for quality assurance, and offers a standard warranty of 6 months to one year against manufacturer's defect.

Speaking further about the Innovation sofa bed collection, the senior executive added, "All the Innovation sofa beds are made from quality materials and offer utmost comfort in both the bed and sofa position. As part of temporary promotions, we are also offering special discount coupons for the Innovation USA products. Depending on your Innovation USA cart total, you can get up to 10% discount. Even without coupons, we have the Deal Now for you. If you see any better price from a competitor, we will not only match the price but will also give you up to 2% extra discount."

One of the highlights from the LaContempo's Innovation sofa bed collection is the Supremax Deluxe Excess sofa bed, which is available in dark brown begum and white leather textile. The highly durable and comfortable Supremax Deluxe sells for a very reasonable $1,733. For more details about the Supremax Deluxe Excess Sofa Bed, you can visit.

About LaContempo
Operating in Los Angeles since 2001, LaContempo has established itself as a leading contemporary furniture store that offers a huge collection of European and Italian furniture. The company is famous for offering competitive prices for its entire furniture collection than real retail values of the merchandise. LaContempo has contracts with the best shipping companies and has a proven record of ensuring timely deliveries with most affordable costs. The company ships exquisite modern furniture nationwide from Los Angeles. If you are looking for contemporary Italian furniture for your home or office, you can visit LaContempo - Furniture Store.

Contact Details
11312 Hartland
St. North Hollywood CA 91605
Tel: 888 - 294 4455 Toll Free
Tel: 818 - 763 8835, 818 - 763 3117
Fax: 818 - 764 8513

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Latino Post

The Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone 8 smartphone has encountered a price increase on Best for consumers wanting to sign a two-year contract with mobile carrier AT&T.

Amazon spiked the price of the Lumia 1020 to $149.99 with a two-year contract. The aforementioned price is valid for both an individual plan and family plan. In addition, the $149.99 price tag is eligible for new and current AT&T customers.

Current AT&T customers can pay the $149.99 price tag if they are upgrading their device or adding a new line of service to their account.

Amazon's "Without a Service Plan" price for the Lumia 1020 is $699.

According to Amazon, the buyer of the Lumia 1020 will be charged a "pro-rated Early Termination Fee" if the discounted Windows Phone 8 smartphone is canceled after the 14-day return period.

On AT&T's official website, the Lumia 1020 will cost the consumer an additional $50. The $199.99 price tag is available when the consumer signs a two-year contract with AT&T.

The official online Microsoft Store can also be purchased off-contract from AT&T for $610. At a physical Microsoft Store, the Lumia 1020 can be bought for $199 when signing a two-year contract with AT&T.

The Lumia 1020's features include a 4.5-inch screen with 1,280x768 pixels covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The new Windows Phone 8 device has 32GB of internal storage for 2GB of RAM. The device includes a rear-facing camera with a 41-megapixel sensor and front-facing camera with 1.2 megapixels. The smartphone also packs a 2,000mAh battery.

To purchase the Nokia Lumia 1020 from Amazon, click here. For the latest updates, follow Michael Oleaga on Twitter: @EditorMikeO

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